Interface Update

written by myseotool

It’s been a while since our last post but we do have an excuse… the new interface. We have been devoting almost all our time towards it and it is progressing very nicely.  We hope to release the beta by the end of March or early April for everyone to try.  Here is a sneak peak on a couple of improvements:

Report Creation

Task Managment


My SEO Tool is Getting an [inter]Face Lift!

written by myseotool

The creative wheels are turning over here at My SEO Tool. We are looking forward to starting the New Year off fresh with a few changes to the look  & feel of our platform.  These exciting new upgrades are being built as we speak with one goal:  Improving your experience and usability.

What to Expect
Enhanced navigation is the main focus of our changes. We recognize that there is always room for improvement and with client feedback have been able to come up some ideas. Quite simply, the new look makes more sense; allowing your actions within the interface to feel much smoother. The relocation of and small changes to our menu toolbar is one of the ways we are tackling this. Here is a sneak peak:

We’ve also taken note of the increasing need for responsive web browsing. Our new version will significantly reduce the need to jump around from page to page. This will make it easier for you to utilize My SEO Tool on tablets & mobile devices.

Your historical data, you ask? No hay problema. None of your settings or previously saved items will be affected by our changes. The new look focuses mainly on aesthetics and speed to help you better maneuver within the interface.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing bits & pieces of what is to come before we launch our Beta in January.  Excited yet? Stay tuned! The awesomeness is only beginning.


How “(Not Provided)” Affects My SEO Tool

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As most of you already know, Google Analytics is no longer presenting keyword search data. Analytics is now showing “(Not Provided)” for organic searches coming from Google.

Switching from Google Analytics to Google Webmaster Tools Data
As a result of this change, we will be removing the analytics columns from the Ranking section.  However, this data will still be available from the Google Analytics Searches section.  We recognize that SEO experts and My SEO Tool clients will now be adjusting their tactics, so we are making some adjustments to aid in this transition.

The columns that will no longer be available (as of Oct 28):

  • Visits
  • Bounce Rate

The new metric options – representative of Google Webmaster Tools data:

  • GWT Clicks
  • GWT Impressions
  • GWT Average Rank

Integrating Google Webmaster Tools
In order to ensure you are receiving the appropriate information, be sure that your Google Webmaster Tools integration is enabled. If you have yet to integrate Google Webmaster Tools on your My SEO Tool account, this option is found from the Analytics section under Integrations.


Google Webmaster Tools Integration

written by myseotool

We are happy to announce yet another release. We have just added support for Google Webmaster Tools. This can be integrated from the “Analytics” area.

You have access to the following sections:

  • Top Queries
  • Top Pages
  • External Links
  • Content Keywords

Visit & Bounce Rate Ranking Metrics

Our next order of business is to replace these metrics with GWT Clicks and Impressions data. We will complete this sometime next week.

Comparison Reporting

Just a reminder that we now support comparative reporting. Click the date select and check “Compare to Previous Period” to enable this feature.

Support Attachments and Client Messaging

Another reminder that we now give you the ability to message clients and attach files directly within the interface.


Public API Release

written by myseotool

We have completed our beta testing and are excited to announce the public release of our much anticipated API. It is designed to be simple, predictable and light-weight. All output is returned in JSON.

Note: The API is currently only available to Enterprise and Unlimited customers.

Single Sign-On

You can now implement one-click automatic logins from your system to ours. This is especially useful in situations where you’d like to link your existing control panel to the My SEO Tool interface.

View Documentation

Ranking Data

Import our ranking data directly into the format / system of your choice. All the data within our interface is now at your fingertips.

View Documentation

Backlink Data

Import or export backlink dumps at will. This is a great way to connect external backlink sources with our monitoring system.

View Documentation

User Management

You now have the ability to create new client and staff users. This is very powerful when paired with our single sign-on as you can now create and login users seamlessly without touching the interface.

View Documentation

The full API Docs are available online here: http://www.myseotool.com/API/


Client Communication Added

written by myseotool

We now give you the ability for your clients to submit support tickets from within the interface.  This will simply operate as an extension to the current ticketing system and can be accessed from the support section.

Getting Started

  • First you must enable the support section for each client
  • Once enabled, your client will see the support icon within the interface
  • If they choose to submit a ticket, you will be notified by email and can respond from within the interface under the support section

That’s it!


Task Section Improved

written by myseotool

We have been intending to overhaul the task area for a very long time now and we finally did it!  We’ve created a much easier way to manage and view your tasks. Plus you can now assign a task to a user.


LinkedIn Integration Added

written by myseotool

We have just completed integrating the LinkedIn API.

  • Posts / Comments are visible on the social feed
  • Company statistics are available within social analytics
  • Follower statistics are included on the social dashboard
  • You can post in real-time or schedule a post for a later date

What about G+ ?

We have applied for a G+ developer token. Once our token has been granted we will imediately integrate the G+ company page API.

Other Social Networks?

Please make sure to vote on any social networks you’d like to see in the system via our uservoice account.


System Update - Monday, August 12th

written by myseotool

NOTE: We will be taking the system down between 7pm and 9pm EST to complete this upgrade.

We’ve been very quiet over the last few months so it’s high time we update our users on a ton of changes coming down the pipe.

3 years ago when we started this company, never in our wildest dreams did we envision the kind of success we’ve been fortunate enough to attain with MySEOTool. We are truly grateful to all our customers and hope to work with each and every one of you for years to come. Furthermore, we feel a great responsibility to provide our user-base with the most modern, user-friendly marketing platform on the market.

As a result we will be making many changes over the next few months that will transform us into a more well rounded marketing platform. In a nutshell, we will be focusing on integrating a plethora of 3rd party APIs all while strengthening our core reporting system.

The first step in our journey was to upgrade our infrastructure. Here are some of the changes that will be rolled-out next week.


As we mature the platform and become more well-rounded, it is important that we stay organized. Moving forward, this will allow us to add many new sections that encompass all forms of inbound marketing (Call Tracking, Email marketing, Content marketing etc.).

  • Added new SEO menu section
  • All table columns are now customizable
  • Simplified export process into 2 clicks
  • Improved error reporting

Client / Staff Permissions

The improvements to our underlying framework are most visible when editing user privileges. 

  • Simplified create / edit user wizard
  • Many more customizable options
  • Added 1 click login
  • clients can now export reports
  • staff users are now fully customizeable


We’ve completely re-vamped the reporting engine from the ground-up. This is where the most substantial upgrades have occurred.

  • Simplified create / edit report wizard
  • Removed sorting limit of 250 rows
  • Added additional SVG icons
  • Added ability to export any overview section
  • Added ability to show chart summary in PDF
  • You can now schedule reports on a custom day
  • Improved scheduled report logging

Social Media Management

In preparation for integrating G+ and LinkedIn, we’ve modified the structure of the social area. 

  • Split feed into new Comments / Posts section
  • Improved conversation tracking
  • Added new summary statistics on overview
  • Implemented new Youtube Analytics API

Competitive Analysis

We’ve taken competitive analysis one step further by allowing you to automatically monitor your SERP competition at the campaign level.

  • Automatically generates top SERP competitors (using ranking data)
  • Calculates and sorts by average ranking
  • Includes Moz API metrics

Page Optimization

We’ve added an optimization summary to the campaign level. You can now easily view optimization tasks from a macro level.

  • View all test categories and totals at a campaign level
  • You can now schedule optimization reports


The Ahrefs API has recently given us access to more data. As a result we’ve gone ahead and started tracking more metrics.

  • Added linking domains chart
  • Added follow chart
  • Added nofollow chart

The Future

We’ve finally sophisticated our system to the point where adding new data sources and reports will take hours instead of weeks. Over the next few months we will be releasing a barrage of updates utilizing the speed and ease of our new reporting platform!


Update Released

written by myseotool

SEOMoz Backlink Upgrade

We have completed the full switch to SEOMoz’s API. At this point we’ve simply replaced Ahrefs. Moving forward, our next order of business will involve a complete revamp of this secton utilizing all the new “goodies” provided by Mozscape.


Keyword Tagging

Gone are keyword groups. Tagging gives you ultimate flexibility and power in terms of organizing / analyzing your keywords. Also, you can now chose to show your clients specific keywords by tag!


Ranking Distribution Graph

We are very excited about our new stacked column graph. You can now view the SERP distribution of all your keywords over time!


Ranking Change Column

We have moved the ranking change value into it’s own column. This now gives you the ability to quickly view all your “movers and shakers” as well as disable the ranking change for your client view.